The government of the Popular Front-Musavat was a great misfortune and disgrace for our people. First, they illegally seized power in 1992. Although there were bloody battles in Nagorno-Karabakh at the time, their main goal was to come to power at any cost. Some even rejoiced at the occupation of Shusha and Lachin, anticipating that this would soon lead to the fall of the previous government. That history is very deplorable and difficult. Those were dark pages of our history. Having seized power, they actually brought Azerbaijan to the brink of an abyss. First, if we look at the personalities of the then leaders of Azerbaijan, we can see without any comment that they were not capable of running a farm, not to mention a country.

From the speech at the meeting with a group of the country`s youth on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the First Forum of Azerbaijani Youth
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