Azerbaijan is well-versed in the legacy of Ali Jinnah, who is regarded as the founder of Pakistan, and in the works of the poet Allama Iqbal who glorified freedom in his poems. The ideas and goals of Qayd-e Azem in Pakistan and Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan are similar because they are eternal. Qayd-e Azem writes in his works: "Our objective is to secure peace both inside the country and abroad. We want to live in peace and must continue maintaining sincere and friendly relations with our closest neighbours and all the peoples of the world." These words are close to the heart of every Azerbaijani. In order to immortalize the memory of Qayd-e Azem, we have decided to give his name to one of Baku's central streets and we will do so very soon.

From a speech at an official reception in honour of the Azerbaijani president
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